What are you most passionate about doing?
Chronic pain and the athlete–non-narcotic alternatives,
Self-esteem and grief/ loss over identities (end of playing days),
The high ego/high net worth individual, the extreme ego/high net worth individual, in denial.
General keynotes: Re-accomplishing goals. Setting goals, keys to making those realistic.
Coming back from a failure.
Athletic groups, coaches groups, athlete/sports related.
Most natural: healthcare/addiction—professionals in industry
TTC: College groups, medical professionals, parent-related (town halls), addiction conference speaking: anything that parents are at, town hall meetings, people come in from the audience,
Chris Harran, Ryan Leaf—keynote.

What do you want to do more of?

What do you want to do less of?

What are your biggest sources of admits?

What do you want to be speaking about?

What do you currently speak about?

What are some of the groups you feel are a natural fit for your speaking?

What businesses or types of businesses do you want to build a stronger partnership with?

Any particular place where I can find your photos, videos, and media clips, or should I just scour the internet?

Lots of stuff on Youtube. Interview on Super Bowl.

What are some of the ways that TTC can better support you?