Randy’s Book, Off Center, Coming in 2019

An All-American Story of Desperation to Deliverance

“I prayed that God would open up the doors of heaven and let me in. Instead he opened up the gates of hell and let me out.”

Growing up in Tyler, Texas, Randy Grimes’ life was on center. He worshipped in church on Sunday and on the Gridiron all week—eventually achieving the All-American dream with a thriving NFL career, marriage to his beautiful college sweetheart, and kids who saw him as their hero.

In his 10 years as center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he had two goals: stay in the game, and win every battle.

Staying in the game eventually meant dosing up on prescription opioids to combat pain from constant hits. Randy found himself waking up with no memory of the game he’d played that afternoon. But it didn’t seem like a problem, because he always played well—eventually earning him NFL Man of the Year for his team.

After leaving the NFL, Randy’s life slid further off center. Without football, he lost his identity, life playbook, and locker room family. In its place, he gained a raging addiction that lasted 20 years and stole nearly everything—while his family started slipping away. On the brink of losing his own life, Randy crawled into treatment with the desperation of a drowning man—and never looked back.

  • Randy’s true, riveting story is not just about pro football. It’s about the addiction trap that binds millions and claims thousands of lives each year—and the steps Randy took to reclaim his life and help others.
  • Off Center spotlights this hope through weaving in the story of a powerful intervention involving an entire family.

Today, Randy is the National Director of Professional Relations for Transformations Treatment Center, founder of Professional Athletes in Recovery, and an active father and husband. He is a keynote speaker, interventionalist, and media expert on chronic pain, identity loss, and family support—as they pertain to addiction. He guides former pro athlete in any sport—from the NFL, MLB, and more—and others to find recovery from addiction and mental health crises.

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