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John Wesley

About Pro AIR

Pro Athletes in Recovery is the organization Randy founded to help other athletes like him who struggled to find the right resources.

Pro Athletes in Recovery strives to be a central place for athletes specifically, but reaches out to anyone who is struggling to overcome abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Helping athletes overcome addiction and supporting one another is their mission. 

Please contact Randy to learn more. 

How AIR can help

“We are athletes, helping other athletes overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances of abuse–along with mental health challenges. When you’re going through a recovery or difficult experience, it is often easier and more beneficial to talk to a person who has been down the same road as yourself.

When you consult the information on our site, you’re drawing valuable information from a professional athlete also walking the path to recovery from substance abuse. We have years of experience providing resources for successful modes of athlete treatment to help you recover.” – Randy Grimes, Founder of Pro Athletes in Recovery

A Few Snapshots

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Pro Athletes in Recovery

AIR offers outstanding support for athletes who are currently suffering from addiction and
chronic pain. Contact us in Lake Park, Florida, at (877) 647-6122 to request more information or visit our website at: www.proathletesinrecovery.org

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