Randy Grimes—Former NFL Player, Speaker, and Addiction Recovery Advocate

A former NFL center whose successful career spanned 10 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Randy Grimes used prescription pills to treat his career-related injuries. Those pills fed an addiction that would last 20+ years.

Upon retiring from the NFL, Randy fell deeper into his addiction—eventually jeopardizing his family and risking everything. “In football, I always had a playbook—and a team—to get me through the day,” states Randy. “Without that structure, I didn’t know what to do; I lost myself, as my addiction took over.”

After losing a former teammate to an overdose, Randy finally had the courage to raise his hand and ask for help. “I literally crawled into treatment,” states Randy. “And the tools I found there saved my life. I prayed that God would open the gates of heaven and let me in… instead, He opened the gates of hell and let me out!”

A strong advocate for recovery, Randy is National Director of Professional Relations, Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, a nationally-recognized treatment center in Florida. Randy launched “Athletes in Recovery” to help athletes find addiction treatment and recovery resources. Randy and Transformations have partnered with the NFL Player Care Foundation, After the Impact Fund, Gridiron Greats, and the Baseball Assistance Team to bring further awareness and treatment services to professional athletes and their families. As a result, hundreds of former professional athletes have since been treated. Randy was recognized in 2018 as a National Goodwill Ambassador.

Randy’s passion does not end with athletes; Randy believes that “when families get well, addicts get well.” Randy has performed countless interventions across the U.S. and in five countries—bringing hope and healing when all seems lost.

Randy has been married for 36 years to his college sweetheart, Lydia, who is also a Certified Family Addiction Coach. Randy is regularly a keynoter for corporate events and conferences—and contributor on numerous national TV networks and media including The New York Times, NFL Network, ESPN, Anderson Cooper, Father Albert, CNN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Fox News, SiriusXM Sports, and countless others.