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Randy Grimes is a Baylor University graduate and an award-winning 10-year veteran of the NFL who crawled on his hands and knees into treatment for an opioid addiction that developed while treating career-related injuries. 

As a keynote speaker, he redefines what it means to be “an addict” and tackles challenging topics, such as: substance use disorders, pain management, mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, addiction in the workplace, access to treatment, and more.

Randy has made it his life’s mission to change the way we think about these life and death issues. 

Professional Speaker

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Stigma is toxic, and no matter how many times we say it, hear it, and repeat it, the following truth is often ignored: addiction is a disease.  Those who suffer from substance, mental, or behavioral issues are often misjudged by society, even when their circumstances surrounding these illnesses are out of their control.   

As a person who has, “done that, been there,” Randy Grimes shares his personal story with humility and honesty, transforming it into a powerful message with a focus on prevention, intervention and treatment for substance use disorders and other health challenges.  Provocative and dynamic, he engages audiences—from students to athletes to professionals to community members—at a highly personal level, changing widely held misperceptions, while exploring subjects that continue to challenge all of us.

Standing at the Gate

This is the battlefield.  This is the uncontrolled chaos of professional football. This the brutal violence that can give an athlete everything and can cost almost everything. This is the game that, for 23 years, defined Randy Grimes—and the game that almost killed him. This is his story of pain, addiction and overcoming.

What Randy's Clients Are Saying

DEA 360

“Randy Grimes spoke to our 700 guests at our 2019 Drug Enforcement Administration DEA 360 Youth Summit in Tampa, FL. I was impressed when he recognized that we were 15 minutes behind schedule and that he would adjust his speech to compensate for the late start. His speech was dynamic and well received by all. He was very accommodating and patient as he masterfully executed two breakout sessions with our teens. Between breakouts, he and his lovely wife were holding conversations with our staff and volunteers. He is very down to earth and authentic.

The whole experience was positive, and as the Lead Event Coordinator, they [Randy and his staff] made me look good.”

– Rod C., DEA 360 Community Outreach Program Manager, Drug Enforcement Administration

“I am writing to drop the praises on all of you for making our dream of getting Randy Grimes “home” to speak to our TxDOT, Tyler District employees and guests a reality.

Randy was amazing, and the employees really enjoyed having him for our speaker.  His presentation was inspiring and motivating; exactly what I hoped for when I set out to find a speaker.  He was also so very gracious, kind, easy-going – taking pictures with employees, holding conversations, etc.

Thanks a million for taking on our project. His story can help change minds and save lives, and we’d love to have him back.”

– Kathi White, Public Information Officer, Texas Department of Transportation, Tyler District (TxDOT) Program Manager, Drug Enforcement Administration

Texas DOT

Gifting Back Through

Pro Athletes in Recovery

The Man

Randy Grimes talks about his personal journey to get off painkillers after playing in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 10 years. In this video, he encourages other players who are suffering from pain medication addiction to reach out for help. Randy says the treatment he received at Behavioral Health at Palm Beaches saved his life and gave him back his family.

Since this video was taped, Randy has created his own nonprofit organization (Pro Athletes in Recovery) to help athletes like him who suffer from addiction, tramatic brain injuries, depression, or other health-related issues. Read more on their website found here.

The Message

Since 2009, Randy Grimes and his wife Lydia have reached hundreds of thousands of people through media interviews and audiences. He is a frequent keynote speaker for a variety of audiences, including students, professional athletes, law enforcement officers, treatment center professionals, mental health advocates, conference attendees, inmates, and community members.

Randy and Lydia’s strengths are changing—or often just starting—the conversation on these topics so that together we can end the stigma, bias, misinformation, blame, and shame that keep over 120 million Americans fighting something that even those afflicted may not fully understand. 

The Mission

Today, as a keynote speaker with Tour de force Speakers and founder of the nonprofit organization Pro Athletes in Recovery, where Randy equips and empowers individuals, athletic teams, associations, healthcare groups, colleges, associations, corporations, organizations, families and others with the tools they need to understand and address addiction issues. 

Randy has made it his life’s mission to guide others into lasting recovery—while advocating for policies and programs to combat addiction. 

The Newsroom

Randy is regularly a keynoter for corporate events and conferences—and a commentator on numerous national TV networks and media including NFL Network, Anderson Cooper, Father Albert, CNN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Fox News, SiriusXM Sports, and countless others.

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AIR offers outstanding support for athletes who are currently suffering from addiction and
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